We invent and build experiences.

Every new or emerging platform is an opportunity to create novel and compelling experiences–for entertainment, marketing, education, and commerce. Headcanon is focused on delivering meaningful innovation with emerging technologies, with the invention of new storytelling, commerce, and marketing models.

Headcanon is a creative collective.

New platforms and the invention of experience.


For millennia, from tales told in the cave drawings of Dordogne, to campfire sagas and the comedy and drama of traveling theater troupes, through the advent of books and the revelation of photography and moving imagery, we’ve invented ways to entertain, enlighten, and inform one another by constructing stories and experiences.


Stories are essential to that ongoing evolution. Now, as ever, the means of storytelling is evolving: on the Web, on richly-instrumented mobile devices capable of augmenting reality, and in the experiences delivered by emerging AI and decentralized design and production. Media increasingly converses with us, tells us tales, shares knowledge, rewards us financially, extending our agency across the web.


This confluence of new and meaningful experiences made possible by new platforms is where we at Headcanon have lived for decades, and what excites and animates us still. And we’re excited to know what we might do together.


What We Do

Building new experiences that traverse the boundaries of voice, web, and the real world.

Generative AI App Development

AI, perhaps the fastest-growing and evolving set of technologies, is a particular focus for us. We’re immersed in generative AI design and development for both entertainment, marketing, and invention.

targeted invention

Our principals are accomplished media, commerce, and information inventors with scores of patents. We invent what needs inventing, leveraging a variety of proven techniques that have resulted in billion dollar portfolios.

User-centric Experiences

We are pioneers in postlinear storytelling: incorporating both linear and non-linear, interactive experiences to deliver deeply engaging narratives that place the user at the center of the story. We’d like to see how that might work for you.

Decentralized, Tokenized App Development

We’ve worked with and indeed are pioneers in the design and deployment of limited edition digital objects, and the power of tokens, both in Web2 and Web3 applications. We’re ready to use them where and when they’re truly useful.

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