Make Your Own Murder Party

An immersive mystery with software that generates crimes, clues, and a culprit for live action roleplaying in your own home.

A Theatrical Party Game

This pioneering mystery generator, released in 1986 on multiple platforms, is the ultimate tool for the live action murder party host. You simply input some identifying information about the guests of your future party, and it automatically mixes their data with the story and generates a murder, motives and a large number of clues, all to be printed into personal booklets for each player. It even generates the invitations to be mailed to the guests. 

Make Your Own Murder Party was created, written, and developed by:

Ron Martinez, Headcanon founder and media inventor, and a pioneering narrative game and simulation designer, producer, and developer. Ron, former VP Intellectual Property Innovation for Yahoo! and creator of book retailing platform,, also brings a continuing focus on novel commerce and distribution models to his work in narrative systems design.

Two great mysteries.

Endless possibilities.

Murder Party features two built in scenarios, Empire and The Big Kill, each with a different story, characters, and settings. With each play the murderer and motives are generated anew, using a kind of structured randomness, making for a great number of combinations and excellent replayability. Up to eight players can join the fun. 

Make Your Own Murder Party was built with an original story generation system that selected a murder from among the players, then created timelines, events, and relationships that supported the unfolding mystery.  

Each player was given a motive, means, and opportunity to commit the crime. Then one of these crucial proofs was taken from each of the players, save one.

That player was the culprit.

Murder Party, published by Electronic Arts

Future direction.

Delivered on floppy disks in the earliest days of professional game software development (it was part of the second wave of EA games), this game broke ground on generative narrative techniques that are yet to be fully explored. 

While a game like this could be fully networked and played remotely, there is great potential for using Murder Party’s generative mechanisms in conjunction with, for example, an Alexa Skill. In this scenario, a Skill could organize a live action, immersive, theatrical experience in realtime.

Stay tuned!

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