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Can an NFT make you cry?

In 1983, Trip Hawkins and the founders of Electronic Arts asked this question.

It was a profoundly different persepective on computer games, recognizing that, though still nascent and primitive in many ways, here was the birth of a new media form. 

Computer games were not only novel diversions, simple entertainments. They were a new medium capable one day of eliciting the full range of emotions and rich experiences that other mediums, like film, novels, or opera evolved to deliver before them.

Today we ask the same question: Can an NFT make you cry? And we ask this because at Headcanon we understand NFTs to be a new media form: short, arresting, audiovisual, steeped in functionality and mapped to adjacent experiences and even physical world objects and events. 

That’s why we are not only a technology company per se, though we are adept with technology. Nor are we simply an commerce platform, selling limited edition digital objects. We are both of these but aspire to more, as a studio and distribution company, bringing together talent and technology to craft and deliver magnetic and mesmerizing experiences that may be owned, collected, traded, and given away.

NFTs are a new medium, and we are here to experiment and grow that medium, to discover and invent all it is capable of.

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Headcanon NFT

Where it’s ten years from now, right now.

Continuous future history always being written.

Today, it’s 2030 on Headcanon Futurist.  A global pandemic, accelerating climate change, and economic upheval have changed the way the world works, and revealed where it doesn’t work. A continously written future history provides a generative framework within which we will invent and rebuild the future.

Stories. News. Art. From a network of contributors.

What will we watch or experience in 2030 and beyond? News and current events, fictional and personal stories, films, games, voice applications—all of these, collaboratively developed remotely, will appear on the Headcanon Futurist platform.

Submit future products, services, processes...

Platform participants can submit their ideas about future products, services, and more. And platform access can be given to a workgroup, division, an entire company, or an open innovation community of contributors, with professional management of resulting inventions.

Vote up or down, to surface the great ideas.

Participants vote on the ideas submitted. All of them are available to the community. The most promising inventions can also be routed into further development: prototypes, products, intellectual property, (including patents, trade secrets), or dedication to the Commons.

Questions? Ideas? Please get in touch.

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