Everyday Tokenized Commerce

Extend any NFT with attached Extras, including both physical and digital goods, live event ticketing, clothing and other merchandise, services, NFTs, and more. Buy with a credit card. Resell on OpenSea.

Get ready for tCommerce

In conventional commerce, I give you money or some other form of value and you give me a thing of value to me in exchange It’s a simple, bidirectional transaction and the way the world has done business for millennia.

In Tokenized Commerce, or tCommerce, I give you money, and you give me a token that entitles me to the right to receive that something of value. I can redeem the item on demand, but I can also give the token to someone else and they get the right to redeem the item. And if I like, I can sell the token for more than I paid for it

This, then is tCommerce. It’s tokenized commerce applied to most anything, from an exclusive, limited edition product drop, to venue access, functioning as a ticket. In fact, the redeemable item may be any good, service, or form of access, online or off, and the token may entitle me to multiple items, added to my token as redeemables over time.

It’s a rich new commercial palette made possibly by decentralized, unique digital object ownership integrated with conventional commerce. And we’re just beginning to understand all the ways it will improve commercial results as it improves lives.  

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Everyday Tokenized Commerce


Transium adds new value to any NFT with redeemable attachments: merchandise, access, communications, services, live event ticketing, and more.


Buyers can easily get Tokens with a credit card. And get free Tokens with just a login and password, no cryptocurrency or wallet required. It’s the easiest way to get onboard!


Inexpensively create or buy NFTs on THE climate-friendly Polygon Network, with support for OpenSea. Register Ethereum NFTs, to get Extras, gas-free.

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