a Web3 product launchpad

Mainstreaming web3 apps and commerce with

Rapid no/l0w Code invention and development.

NFTs with redeemable attachments, both physical and digital

simplified, mass market onboarding and user experience design

web3 Commerce and marketing Systems for any retailer or brand

Decentralized, commerce-enabled media and storytelling


Coming soon! A platform for NFTs with redeemable attachments and the easiest onboarding and purchase experience in the industry.

Physical and digital goods, real world event ticketing, early access product purchases, and more.


Materialize your NFTs!

Every NFTShirt is as unique as the NFT it’s made from, and we won’t materialize the same NFT twice. 

Got an NFT project? Partner with us, send your NFT holders to NFTShirts, and we’ll share the profit on every sale.


Reinventing Storytelling

We created San Francisco’s Reinventing Storytelling event series, in partnership with Schoolab, the Paris-based global consultancy and co-working space.

Our first event was all about Voice. Check out the video recap, and join our series ongoing exploring the evolution of storytelling in an age of invention.

Past and Current Projects

Interactive Stories in Multiple Formats

Simulations and Games

Innovative Commerce Systems

Decentralized Marketing Tools

Events & Location-Based Experiences

Rapid, NoCode/LowCode Development

Build Web3 Apps in Days or Weeks, not Months or Years

Powering Web3 into the mainstream.

Most every category of human endeavor, from commerce to the creation and experience of knowledge and entertainment, can be reimagined upon decentralized Web3 principles.

With a suite of visual development tools combining access to both Web3 functionality and Web2 APIs, Headcanon is adept at rapidly implementing working apps that advance the state of the art.

This extraordinary edge enables us to implement and validate new Web3 applications in days or weeks, not months or years.

Example: Transium

Transium delivers NFTs for everyday commerce and engagement, with quick and easy onboarding and the widest range of redeemable attachments.

On the energy-responsible Polygon blockchain, all Transium NFTs are available for free or with a credit card.

Launching February, 2022

How We Work

Headcanon is a Web3 product factory. We invent and build products, and capture defensive intellectual property, with our proven methods of Applied Futurism.

Accomplished inventors, we see how a wide range of human and business activities will be inevitably transformed by decentralized, Web3 technologies. And we’ve seen the results of flattening network architectures before.

Our Aerio bookselling network, launched in 2016, now powers tens of millions of dollars in sales, putting revenue that once went to centralized platforms into the hands of indpendent booksellers and authors.

We’re just getting started! We have a product agenda. And we’re excited to hear about  yours. Get in touch to see how we can help you to deliver your vision.

rapid low code development

The metabolic rate of the Web3 development is off the charts. One year in Web3 is like seven years on earth! Rapid visual development let us–and you– place more bets with less expense.

Roadmap & Strategy

Embracing new ways of doing business, new markets and new product formulations, is inherently strategic. We contemplate and build ecosystems, not just simple features.

Plugin & API Development

Low Code tools are changing the world, enabling non-technical founders to go to market with few impediments. We augment these tools with our own custom plugins and APIs.

mainstream user Experiences

Years of protocol development has created a rich Web3 foundation. Our collective decades of shipping consumer products equips us to move up the stack to easy,  scalable user experience.

designing for scale

Mainstreaming Web3 requires designing products that can be understood and used by everyone, that deliver real value, at a cost mass markets can afford.  This is our focus.

Intellectual property pros

The foundations of Web3 are and should always be free, open source. As we move up the stack to the app layer, pro IP practices are essential, including defensive, patentable IP protections. 

Get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you. 

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